Everything you need to know about our Company


The company envisions to become a benchmark in the network marketing industry for the distribution of health and wellness products globally. It also aims to lower healthcare costs and prevent diseases.


Provide healthy lifestyle to its consumers by offering superior quality health and wellness products.

Provide every individual with entrepreneurial opportunities and rewards by giving them access to proven and effective marketing system that guarantees sustainable business income.

Help people live a more vibrant and prosperous life through physical, social, financial empowerment and to support the stability of the country’s economy.


SYNERGREENS INTERNATIONAL TRADING, INC. is a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company founded in 2015 but officially introduced to the market in 2017 and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in June of the same year.

The company is a wellness services provider with its dietary and food supplement called SynerGreens.
Synergreens International was founded by Mr. Charles Langurayan, an icon and one of the pillars in the industry of networking and multi-level-marketing.

The company’s strong foundation is deeply rooted on high moral and ethical standards, guided by responsible business principles. It is dedicated to provide highly innovative and very effective products that guarantee health benefits to its consumers and financial upliftment to its distributors worldwide.

It is located at Pavilion Building, Unit L2 201A, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines.



Langurayan is the driving force behind the company. He conceptualized a unique selling proposition to provide the sole distribution of the wellness product he and his doctor friends formulated. His distinctive marketing strategies and excellent presentation secure and seal the success of the company in its less than two years of existence.

Langurayan bravely invested P2.5-million from his multi-million peso earnings from the previous company he worked for, where he was one of the top distributors/ performers in terms of sales and product distribution. But behind his life’s ups and downs is his partner for life – wife Nora.

Although he failed to make it big in the first business venture he set up, Langurayan never gave up and again established the new company – Synergreens Intl., with a meager capital from his remaining savings and from the sales of his properties and other family assets.

Nora, on the other hand was Languyrayan’s “ace” in everything her husband does, the wind behind his wings. She had sacrificed a lot for the family and business’ sake. She was an adviser – a wife, a mother and everything rolled into one. Nora “controls” her husband in some aspects like being too lenient with people around him. Some of whom seem to abuse Langurayan.


Now in his mid 30s, Langurayan hails from the Seafood capital of the Philippines – Roxas City in Capiz, one of the five provinces of Panay Island in the Western Visayas. He was born on April 14, 1983. His family was poor and as a teenager, he worked as a fish peddler in the market and in the neighbourhood or as “padyak” driver to deliver fish. He also engaged in other odd jobs to survive. He failed to finish his course in Commerce.

He first set foot in Manila after having a kid at 18, to look for a job. His thinking was that the city is full of opportunities, where life is good. However, he was wrong. Langurayan failed to land a job because he could hardly speak Tagalog that time and he lacks diploma to present as requirement for employment.

Langurayan wanted to earn a living for his son and young wife Nora, who were left in the province. In the city, he was then staying with his friend. Still jobless, he decided to stay with his maternal aunt in Pasig, who recommended him as a delivery truck helper, earning a measly P250/day – not even enough to feed himself. He had experienced sleeping under a truck with only a carton as his bed after a bottle of gin that for him was his “blanket.”

After a year in Manila, almost becoming hopeless as if nothing was happening to his life, he considered applying for an overseas job. While working on his papers, he found himself inside a Cubao mall. A pretty lady had approached and invited him to a seminar/meeting on product presentation. That networking job eventually earned him over P2-million a month in 2007.

Langurayan stresses that everything “is not an accident” but a “gift from God.” A forefinger pointing up as SynerGreens’ official sign means “everything comes from Him, from above.”

While making multi-million a month, he saw signs he could make it on his own. He failed at his first venture but never gave up.


Langurayan believes that commitment, hard work and consistency in doing these, along with the right marketing strategy and the product’s efficacy, are some of the factors contributing to his company’s success.

He says that it is important to be committed to something like if you want to do sales, you have to put your heart into it. “yong ayaw maniwala sa iyo, temporary lang ‘yan. Sooner, maniniwala rin sila,” Langurayan explains, saying that setback is not permanent.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy,” is the ultimate belief of Langurayan, as he speaks from the heart and mind.

In 2015, Langurayan was worth more than P120-million, according to Entrepreneur Philippines, an online magazine on entrepreneurship in the country.

With almost two decades experience in networking and multi-level marketing (MLM), Langurayan as well, has influenced his thousands of “downlines” to become millionaires themselves.

As young as 17, Langurayan was already involved in sales but still the earning wasn’t enough to support his growing family. At 23, he has been with at least 10 networking companies. And at 24, he was making millions a month.

In putting up iWON, Langurayan believes that joining a company which is already nine to 10 years in the industry, “is hard because you may never get the (best) result because the market is already saturated.”

It was for this reason, he initially put up iWON. Langurayan doesn’t seem to know what is “giving up” because he continues with his business journey even when that company didn’t really make well as the incorporators expected. He then opened up Synergreens Intl.

Due to the popularity of SynerGreens product because of its reported efficacy and the excellence of his sales people, including its distributors, dealers, in making sales, Langurayan could no longer personally handle everything – from the company’s operation to management, so he invited a former colleague to be the company’s general manager.


CEO / President