The Distributor guarantees that all information in this application form are true and correct upon which Synergreens International Trading Inc. based its decision to approve the Distributor’s application.
Upon approval the Distributor is conferred the right to buy any or all of the Company’s product in cash, whether in retail or wholesale basis and sell them at a price fixed by the company. Selling of products below the designated member’s price whether online or offline is a ground for termination after due process has been done by the management.
The Distributor likewise agrees to abide by any existing policies, rules and regulations made known to him or her at the time of this application for distributorship. Key leaders, however, are required to abide all policies, rules, regulations and similar directives. Failure to abide by any such policies, rules and regulations may subject the Distributor to appropriate sanctions.
Commissions and other monetary incentives due the Distributor are subject to withholding taxes and remit the same to BIR.
There shall be no employer-employee relationship between the Distributor and the company. By reason here of, the Distributor is not subject to regular hours observed by the office personnel of the Company.
Creating another marketing plan such as, but not limited to, lay-away, matrix, low end entry etc., termination after due process has been done by the management.
Whenever needed by the Distributor, the Company agrees to provide the former such relevant information or data relative to his account only. For this purpose, no information shall be released to anyone, except to the requesting Distributor.
Membership or registration fee is non-refundable; this fee is subject to change at the discretion of the Company even without prior notice. But the Distributor who already has paid his/her membership of registration fee prior to the increase thereof shall not be affected by such increase.
The right of the Distributor under this Distributorship Agreement is not transferable to a co-distributor or employee of the Company or any one, except to his/her heirs; In case such transfer of right is allowed, the heirs shall submit official documents to establish his/her filiation and assume the responsibilities due the SYNERGREENS Distributorship.
Postings of pictures, messages, and video coverages in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other similar online outfits and print materials (e.g. fliers, tarpaulin and clear book) regarding the promotion, marketing and sale of products sold by the Company must have the prior consent from the management of insure uniformity and to prevent possible violation of any existing laws.
. In case the Distributor has acquired knowledge that the trade name, trademark or products are used by someone else, whether individual or juridical, which may appear to be an infringement of the right of the Company, the Distributor shall, within reasonable time, inform the management or any responsible officer of the Company of such possible infringement.
The terms and conditions of the Distributorship Agreement have been explained to the distributor in a language or dialect known to and understood by him/her and that he/she willingly and voluntarily signed this Distributorship Agreement after such explanation.